The impact of the pandemic on the InvestAge programme

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a great deal of suffering and grief for a great many people. It has also created considerable uncertainty about the future. This has affected the development of the InvestAge programme as originally planned. On the one hand people are understandably less willing to make financial commitments in this difficult time, but on the other, the InvestAge concept seems more relevant than ever. We believe that substantial new opportunities are likely to arise in the post-pandemic period.

We are currently reviewing how to proceed and the role that InvestAge might play in the months and years to come. The co-operative remains open for membership and investment, and members’ funds continue to be fully secured. From time-to-time we will post updates to the website and social media. We continue to welcome input from members and non-members alike via email or social media. After the review has taken place, we will release a statement detailing our revised plan.

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