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Equal Care Co-op

Equal Care Co-op (ECCOO) is providing a care and support system which puts the relationship between giver and receiver first, shares power and allows care and support to exist in abundance. It offers a place where receivers and givers of care can choose each other knowing that it’s safe and reliable to do so. Local professional support workers, friends, family and neighbours come together to help and offer kind, expert support at mutually agreed rates and at times to suit everyone. The business is owned by the users and the providers. Policies and decisions are made by interlinked ‘circles’, semi -autonomous teams of individuals consisting of those supported and the carers.

ECCOO is active in the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire. In 2019 it raised over £400,000 to develop and expand its work and InvestAge would consider supporting the development of similar ‘circles’ across the country. The ECCOO model is a good example of the type of innovative approach to collaborative, empowering care that InvestAge wants to encourage.

The video below explains the basic concept and extensive further information can be found at

InvestAge is a multi-stakeholder cooperative (No. 4604) registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. It is a member of Co-operatives UK and the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association.

Registered Address: 13 Saville Street West, North Shields, NE29 6QP

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